5 of the best food shows to watch on Netflix

5 of the best food shows to watch on Netflix

Need some Netflix inspiration? Need some food inspiration? I’m here to help!

In this post, I’m sharing my recommendations for the best food shows to watch on Netflix.

It’s no secret that I love food. My passion extends past cooking and eating though. I love movies and tv shows about food, I frequently search Pinterest for food ideas, cookbooks will always be a welcome and valued gift for me, and it’s probably no surprise that I often dream about food!

best food shows to watch on netflix

With many of us spending more time in recent months browsing for new shows to watch, I thought I’d share some food-based recommendations.

This isn’t a top 5, just 5 recommendations for the best food shows to watch on Netflix.

1. The Chef Show

I love The Chef Show not only for the diverse food but for all the interesting and amazing people that Jon Favreau works alongside or speaks to. The food at times becomes secondary to the discussion but I really like that. The stories, experiences and inspiration from the guests feel special and unique.

Favreau brings a real charm through being a massive food fan, a super keen, attentive and hands-on student and also being quite adept in the kitchen because of the extensive training he went through to ensure he portrayed a professional chef as best he could in his movie, Chef.

A few of my favourite episodes are:

  • the visit to the Skywalker Ranch to make dishes using produce farmed on the property
  • when they visit a food truck park and talk about LA’s food truck history
  • seeing them bake chocolate cake with Candace Nelson – founder of Sprinkles, the famous cupcake bakery

2. Restaurants on the Edge

Ok, I’ll admit there’s a few things I don’t love about Restaurants on the Edge. I think they’ve tried to fit too much into each episode and therefore it starts to feel quite unnatural. As if the 3 hosts just bulldoze their way into the lives of the featured restaurant owners and make huge changes without spending enough time understanding the location, business goals and the owners themselves. It seems that they often introduce and force new ideas and concepts which seem a little out of sync with the rest of the improvements but because they’ve perhaps worked elsewhere, it’s assumed they’ll be perfect for this completely new location/theme/etc.

That being said, I’ve included this show in my list because I love that they visit some really random places around the world. It isn’t just focused on the usual big cities or popular tourist destinations. It’s also packed with local information, customs, cultures and food specialties. I’ve learnt that orange wine exists and is made in Slovenia; that the Maltese national football goalkeeper also runs a restaurant; that the people and island of St Lucia are truly beautiful; and so much more.

The locations are amazing and the local and regional knowledge about food and drink is really interesting.

3. Nailed It

This show is frankly ridiculous and I find the host incredibly annoying. But a bit of light relief is definitely needed at the moment so this is why Nailed It makes my list.

I also think it’s a good reminder that food doesn’t always have to look amazing to still taste great or be appreciated by the people around you. Not everyone is a master baker, nor will we ever be, but we can all give it a go and try to follow a recipe to make something.

Even if the end result is a disaster, hopefully the process will still have been fun. And that’s what make this show great. You’ll struggle not to laugh at just how crazy it can be.

4. Chef’s Table

Everything about this show is beautiful. From the food to the locations to the stories of the people involved. I won’t lie, some episodes have brought me to tears.

Food means more than just sustenance to me. It’s more than just something I have to consume to survive. Food for me is memories, it’s experiences, it’s culture, it’s community and family.

Chef’s Table – and Chef’s Table France – focus on these things. They focus on the stories and people behind the food as well as the amazing dishes too. This is one programme that I wish you could smell what was on-screen or order it in an instant to your living room.

5. Street Food: Asia

I love street food and had recently returned from South East Asia when Netflix added Street Food: Asia. It brought back so many amazing memories and made me wish I’d seen it before so that I could have included some of the featured places into my trip.

You will be blown away by Jay Fai, the awesome street food chef in Bangkok who now has a Michelin star. You will be desperate to head to Delhi and try all the incredible street food dishes. And you will be amazed by all the different colours and produce seen throughout the Asian countries they visit in the 9 episodes.

I hope you enjoy the 5 food shows I’ve shared above. There are a lot more also on Netflix and I’ve seen most of them!

Please feel free to reach out on here or on Instagram if you’d like any more recommendations.

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