De Engelse Buurvrouw launched in February 2020 to help locals and visitors to Zwolle find great places to eat and drink.

Less than a month later, the world went into lockdown as a result of a global pandemic so, with restaurants shut for the majority of 2020, I introduced the Recipe section on the website and focused more on building a little community over on Instagram.

A bit about me…

My name’s Amii and I’m an Englishwoman who has lived in the Netherlands since 2017.

Since 2018, I have lived with my Dutch partner (who loves food as much as I do) so he is usually the person I’m referring to when I mention “we” on recipes, blog posts and my Instagram.

My website, here at De Engelse buurvrouw, features personal reviews, recommendations and recipes.

I’m not a food critic or a trained chef; I just love delicious food and enjoy the experience of going out to eat as much as I like to cook meals at home for my family and friends.

In my full-time day job, I’m the global marketing director of two companies in the sports facility construction industry (niche, I know!). Alongside food, sports is my other passion so to work in a sports-related role is my dream and I love what I do.

In my spare time (if I’m not cooking or baking, of course), I do a lot of different crafts and I love to travel so these activities might also feature on the website and on my Instagram.

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