Pathé Filmdiner Zwolle

Pathé Filmdiner Zwolle

Dinner followed by a movie has been a popular way to spend an evening since the early days of cinema. With so many great restaurants in the city and the lovely, modern Pathé cinema just outside the city centre, the Pathé Filmdiner Zwolle offers are definitely worth taking a look at.

Featuring partnerships with 11 restaurants within a 10-minute walk from the cinema, Pathé Filmdiner combines a meal offer with a cinema ticket to your chosen film and showing time.

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The restaurants that participate in the Pathe Filmdiner Zwolle are:

  • Brasserie De Hofvlietvilla, Pannekoekendijk 6 – €37,50 for starter, main, coffee/tea.
  • De Admiraal, Jufferenwal 5 – €29,95 for 3-course dinner
  • De Beren, Katwolderplein 2 – €31,- for 3-course dinner
  • De Vierjaargetijden Zwolle, Melkmarkt 8 – €26,50 (Sunday-Thursday) / €29,- (Friday-Saturday) for bread and dips, main and dessert
  • Las Rosas, Rodetorenplein 10-11 – no details found
  • Mayur Kitchen, Melkmarkt 42 – no details found
  • Restaurant Pampus, Kamperstraat 40 – €29,50 for 2-courses / €32,50 for 3-courses / €34,50 for 3-course Etagere menu (all 3 options have a €3,50 surcharge on Saturday evenings).
  • Restaurant Wasabi, Melkmarkt 38 – €34,- (Monday-Wednesday) / €37,- (Thursday-Sunday) all-you-can-eat
  • Silk Dining, Jufferenwal 32 – no details found
  • Stadscafé Blij, Grote Markt 13a – €36,50 for 3-courses (Sunday-Thursday only)
  • UNO, Nieuwe Markt 1A – €34,- (Monday-Wednesday) / €36,- (Thursday-Sunday) all-you-can-eat

You can book for the Filmdiner offer by contacting the restaurants directly – bookings don’t tend to include drinks or other extras and some may have additional conditions that haven’t been included in this post. For example, De Vierjaargetijden specifies that the booking has to be for at least 2 people. So, please do check with the individual restaurant for their specific conditions for the Filmdiner offer.

The restaurant will arrange cinema ticket(s) for you – tickets are for regular showings and don’t include surcharges for 3D, Dolby Cinema, IMAX, 4DX or ScreenX.

Menus & prices, where listed, are correct as of February 2020.

Further information can be found on the Pathe website, here.

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