Review: Surf & Turf at Villa Suikerberg

Review: Surf & Turf at Villa Suikerberg

We recently attended a surf and turf evening at Villa Suikerberg, in the heart of Zwolle. Before I go into the details, I just want to say how excited I am to be able to write a restaurant review as it means that, after a crazy few months, restaurants are finally open again!

What is the Villa Suikerberg “surf and turf” evening?

I saw the surf and turf evenings advertised on Instagram and booked immediately – I’m not going to ignore an opportunity to eat steak AND prawns for dinner!

Villa Suikerberg scheduled four of these evenings (2 have happened already with the other 2 to come on 15 and 29 August).

These evenings include a set 3-course dinner menu for €27,50 which I think is an excellent price for three courses.

Our Experience

Coronavirus Measures

I’ll be honest in that I’m still a bit apprehensive about going to a restaurant even though hospitality facilities have been able to re-open.

At Villa Suikerberg, there is hand gel to use on arrival and the tables have been spaced out on the terrace. It was also (surprisingly) not too busy so there were empty tables around us as well which helped put me more at ease.

Three-Course Dinner

Starter: you can choose between soup or a bread board. There were two soup options to choose from – tomato or broccoli – and I chose the broccoli. It was thick, creamy, delicious and garnished with small prawns which was a nice addition.

villa suikerberg broccoli soup

My partner had the bread board which came with a couple of different chunks of bread, some aioli and a really tasty hummus. The hummus had a curried flavour to it so perhaps had been mixed with cumin, turmeric and other spices. I had a little taste – bread, hummus (due to the chickpeas) and aioli (due to the garlic) are no-go foods for me (click here to find out why) – but it was so good, definitely one of the nicest flavoured hummus I’ve had.

bread board aioli hummus

Main: the main course is a bavette steak with a skewer of grilled prawns. These are cooked on the outside grill and served on pureed sweet potatoes with chimichurri (an uncooked sauce which is traditionally served with grilled meat). The bavette is a really tasty cut of steak and it was grilled perfectly, keeping it tender, along with the prawns. It was a really nice dinner to have on a warm evening as it felt so fresh and summery – like an upmarket bbq.

villa suikerberg zwolle de engelse buurvrouw surf turf bavette steak prawns

The main dish was served with rustic fries and a side salad of choice. We had one of each – a fennel salad and a mixed salad. Both were full of fresh ingredients and were light, lovely side dishes for the steak and prawns. The rustic fries were crunchy, thick and exactly the kind of chips I want to eat with a steak.

side salad fennel mixed rustic chips

Dessert: for dessert, there’s a limoncello hangop (traditional Dutch dairy dessert) with cantuccini and red fruit. It was refreshing and light – exactly what you need after two other courses of food!

The yoghurt and limoncello gave this dessert a gentle sour taste which I love rather than having a dessert which is super-sweet. The cantuccini (also known as biscotti) were broken into bite-size pieces and were nice and crunchy. The red fruit included strawberries, raspberries and redcurrants – a nice balance of sweet and tart.

dessert limoncello hangop summer fruits

Final Thoughts

Until this visit, I’ve only had breakfast and brunch at Villa Suikerberg (they do an epic Easter brunch by the way), so I was intrigued to see whether the quality of food served for dinner would be the same.

I wasn’t disappointed at all. Everything they serve is carefully considered, made with fresh produce and really delicious.

There are two more surf & turf evenings in August 2020 – on the 15th and 29th – and I really would recommended booking a table if you want a relaxed night out with a great summer menu.

foodblog de engelse buurvrouw zwolle

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