My Saturday Market Recommendations

My Saturday Market Recommendations

Visiting the Saturday market in Zwolle has been one of my regular weekend activities since I moved to the city nearly 3 years ago. Of course, the convenience of doing the weekly shop at the supermarket is helpful but making use of the market, supporting smaller, local vendors and often getting better quality produce can’t be overlooked.

In this post, I’m sharing my recommendations for the Saturday market in Zwolle based on my experiences over the past few years.

Vegetables & Fruit

market ruitenberg groente fruit zwolle markt

Having bought fruit and vegetables from the various different market vendors, I’d settled on my favourite option being the guys who set up near the glass angel (just in front of Stadscafe Blij). Sadly though, the owner decided not to continue his business in 2020 so I’ve had to find an alternative.

The stall I buy from now is Ruitenberg Groente en Fruit which faces Visscher Seafood. They always have a wide selection of produce and the items I buy from them always have a good shelf-life.


The only meat I buy from the market is chicken and I get it from Hendriksen Kipspecialiteiten – facing Primark.

Their boneless chicken thighs are delicious (and really great value for money) and are excellent in casseroles, curries, and more. The freshly-cooked rotisserie chickens are also a regular choice as for only €3,75 the chickens are large enough to last for a couple of lunches and maybe even some leftover to add to a soup or stir fry.

hendriksen kip markt zwolle chicken market


I have to admit that whilst I do buy fish when I visit the market, I actually get it from Visscher Seafood (at Melkmarkt 32) – an excellent fish shop with a broad selection of prepared and raw fish and seafood. They also serve my favourite kibbeling (and I’ve tried kibbeling from a lot of different places!).

Bread & Baked Goods

Without questions, Henris (near Las Rosas) has the best quality and an excellent selection of bread and other baked goods. If you can get there early for a hot frikandelbroodje or croissant then you’re really in for a treat.

Their bread is great – I usually buy whole brown loaves and bags of ciabatta but have tried lots of their other options too. I love their croissants and can’t usually avoid a mergpijp or two either.

saturday market zwolle zaterdagmarkt marktdag henris brood bakker


I like to buy cheese from Boomkamp Kaasspecialist as I think their prices and products are good. I also like that you can buy eggs from them too.

Other Items

For flowers, I like the stall facing Boomkamp Kaasspecialist – I’ve bought flowers (and had flowers bought for me) from here a few times and they always last quite a few weeks.

There are also excellent stalls for nuts and dried fruit (near the glass angel & Stadscafe Blij) and olives and other deli items (outside Humphreys Restaurant) which I buy from if I need those kind of items.

The Saturday market in Zwolle is set up primarily on Melkmarkt and Grote Markt. There are also some stalls, usually non-food, around the Grote Kerk and on Grote Kerkplein. The market runs from 8.30am to 5pm, all year round. It moves to Oude Vismarkt and het Gasthuisplein during the Zomerkermis in August.

If you have recommendations for the markets in Zwolle, please leave a comment or send me a message.

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